Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

I <3 circumsizing .. (not safe for work)

Basically it's a foreskin restoration device. One that actually works, although it does take a couple of years and the end result is not -precisely- what I would have if I was "uncut" ...

In that site, I found links to resources which allowed me to learn exactly how much this social culture has mutilated my reproductive organs after birth. I am considered "lucky" as my doctor didn't hack off much of my frenulum, and performed a very "loose" circumcision.

Now, though, I can see the telltail scarring, and also have an explanation finally for a few "skin tags" near the glans that I've always had. That's what's left of the chop job that they performed.

Thank you, very much, stupid ignorant western culture. For hacking me and many other guys up.

I'll be doing my best to revert the damage done back to the way things should be.

I can't really blame my parents, they didn't know better. I sure can thank conservative religions though! Way to go guys!!

- Keman
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