Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit


Went to install the roller cam conversion in the thunderbird this weekend.

Stopped short when I realized that the cylinder head gasket was blown between cyl's 1 and 2.

Odd that it drove as well as it did despite this.

This is the failure that seperates the men from the boys ... the backyard mechanics from the pros.

So off comes the cylinder head and out to a machine shop it goes. I'll toss the freshly rebuilt T3 on at the same time, and while the head is off I'll replace the coolant hoses that are normally a real PITA to get to.

This would be a LOT easier if the garage I keep the mustang and my tools and stuff at (along with the thunderbird now) wasn't 30 miles from where I lived. That makes working on it in the evening verrry difficult. I'll have to come home, take care of Saku, then drive up there. I'll be doing that tonight. As much as I don't like to, and as much as it sucks working on cars alone .. I am most efficient when noone is around.

- Keman
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