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This is the first fast-food burger that I've been willing to eat more than once a month in a looong time: Premium Chicken Sandwhiches. It's unmistakable: They definitely have an aura of mass-creation, but quality is far above anything I've ever had from other fast food places.

When minutes count and I want to shelve eating to the absolute lowest priority without going hungry, this is my new hot ticket.
I'd prefer meal shakes, as then I don't even have to get into my car. This does taste better though.

Ideally, I wouldn't even have to eat. Gimme a pill that has everything I need and I'd probably only eat real food every couple days or so, as a pleasurable social dinner sort of experience.

It's really amazing how much my meds destroy my appetite, and equally impressive how psychological the desire for food is.
Honestly I don't mind this at all, my normal default errors on the side of eating too much.. and I'd rather be on the other side of that fence as I am now.

Lean K9's are healthy K9's...

- Keman
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