Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

i pwnz0rz tEh vending machine

I hate my soda and snack machine here at work.

It's ancient in design, takes exact change only, ie 65 cents must be 2 quarters a nickel and a dime put into each appropriate slot. The selection is abysmal, and I'm not the only person to have noticed this. So my company tried getting a new selection.

The vendor promptly turned around and threatened to sue the building owner, stating that some huge contract had been signed with non compete clauses and various stuff that basically says 1. We're screwed 2. There's no chance of getting something different. Oh and By the way, we changed the change machines sensetivity now so that when you put a dollar in, it spits it out at you 5 times before it takes it, pausing 5 seconds between each attempt and resetting the counter by 5 more seconds with each attempt made within that window.

I finally have a solution to this. For you see, the machine doesn't know the difference between canadian money and US currency. And I see no stickers anywhere indicating US currency only.

So... every dollars worth of canadian change I put in the machine eats into their profits. It costs them money to continue using this 1980's relic.
I could use slugs instead of money entirely, but that would be illegal and I'd rather just do this legally. I presently have a big jar of quarters, and need to figure out how to convert that jar of US quarters into a jar of canadian quarters...
- Keman
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