Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

getting older

So I turn 29 on the 8th.

I'd say I feel 'normal' for someone who is 29.

Turning the corner and gaining newfound wisdom, and all that bs.

My subconscious on the other paw ... doesn't seem to be taking it so lightly.

Ohwell. I loathe people bemoaning how they're getting older, wanting to recapture their youth. Time passes at the same rate for everyone.. and focusing on something that noone can change or has ever been able to change.. is stupid. It's being bothered that the sky is blue.
Oh I know all about not appreciating something until it's gone. But my youth has been appreciated en-masse and I welcome the years as they stack on.
My 20's have been a fucked up jumble of learning lessons that my teens never prepared me for. I'd like to think that my 30's will let me take that knowledge and actually use it. Of course, just what that knowledge is.. I suppose I won't really recognize until my 40's. If I'm lucky to live that long.

- Keman
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