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9.6v TURBO power !!!

I got a nice used T3 turbo off ebay for $125. It's in need of a rebuild, but I got a rebuild kit for $40 .. making this one seriously cheap turbo replacement for the Thundarrrchicken. I've been hunting for a good price for a while now, and snapped this up buy-it-now just hours after the auction was created. That's the cheapest I've seen yet, with prior deals being had at around $200.

It's a .42/.48 AR, and unlike the stock IHI I've got on there now.. it doesn't have a chewed up compressor wheel. It's in GREAT shape!

This should translate to a complete transformation in how the engine responds .. it should make it a LOT faster at 20 psi of boost with alcohol injection.

With the T3, I don't just have to stop there. Oh no. 24 psi of boost is not out of the picture.

We shall walk before we run, however... and 20 psi should be enough to create quite a shit eating grin...

- Keman
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