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keman = tEh haxx0r pir8 !!!!!11111

I <3

Half Life 2: Downloaded in 3.5 hours. Played. All I can say is holy shit that's an impressive game. A shame my money shall not enter the creators hands-- their anti piracy techniques fucked many actual customers out of being able to play the game they purchased (in single player mode even!) because the real game wants to authenticate itself every time you play it, and a while back these authentication servers went offline a few times. Whoops. The version I downloaded conveniently has "steam" removed.

Doom 3: Downloaded in 1 day. Played. This is a creepy game to play. Keeps me on the edge of my seat. There's some corny aspects of it, but othewise it's a lotta fun. I am thus far withholding the desire to enter the cheat codes.

Quake 4: Downloaded in 2 days. That it took this long to download has given me incentive to become a "super seed" for bit torrent on this file. So far I've handed out 11 gigabytes worth of it in 2 days. I'll leave it running for a little while longer. Not played it yet. Yay fiber optic internet..

Black and White 2 was shelved. It was fun to play for a bit, but definitely NOT worth $50. If I would have downloaded it and played it, I wouldn't have purchased it. One thing I will note is that at least on the wolf (all I've seen thus far) there is definitely pronounced male genetalia. Works for me ... :)

What to download next?

- Keman
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