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"Adobe reader can download critical updates once a month by using your internet connection when it is idle. After the download is complete, you will be notified prior to installation. Would you like to enable this feature and download critical updates now?"

... this is the result of me turning OFF fucking annoying automatic critical updates on fucking annoying adobe acrobat viewer.


So now instead of clicking no, I don't want to update my viewer... I gotta click no, I don't want automatic updates turned on.

Luckily I feel better knowing that I've personally pirated every version of Adobe Photoshop ever made and have cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in business.

So.. the world does balance out, I suppose.

Oh and I'm sick at home from work today. @whee fever.

OH! Speaking of shitty software... shame on HP for their ridiculous HP Photosmart 1218 drivers for XP. I uninstalled them and it brought up a dialog saying that it needed to restart my computer to complete the uninstall. No, not the dialog that says "Ok / Cancel" or "Restart Later / Now" ... ther was one button. And no close button. The button said "Restart" ... there was no way to escape out of it. I had to go into task manager and kill the process! Fuck that. Fuck restarting. And fuck the program too .. cuz it's all deleted and out of my registry.

- Keman
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