Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

The one that (almost) got away, part deux

Email sent to the collar manufacturer

Your quick disconnect collar (top rope collar) that claims to have a metal
buckle is not actually metal on both sides, one half is cheap plastic.

Yesterday this flimsy design broke just a week after starting to use it when
my Malamute tugged on it. He didn't even pull very hard. I chased him
through traffic and things almost became a disaster! Luckily I caught him
and all is fine.

The collar on the other hand.. is JUNK. I don't even care if I get a refund
on it or not at this point. I'm very dissatisfied.

And how am I to feel now that this collar has mysteriously vanished from
your website, no longer for sale? Am I not the only one to notice that it
fails easily?

First response

Thank you for your comments. I am very disappointed to hear about your
experience. We have heard from a few other customers that the RockLockster
buckle on the collar has released. We have tracked the number of incidents
in which this has occurred and to date we have been informed of this
occurring with only 0.01% of all Top Rope Collars sold. This number is
extremely low; however we considered the possible consequences of the collar
failing severe enough to discontinue selling the Top Rope Collar.

Did you purchase the collar directly from us? If yes, I will simply refund
the purchase price of the collar to your credit card.

Second response

We have applied a $## credit to your card for the amount paid for the collar
and a portion of shipping (what would be the equivalent for UPS Ground
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