Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

The one that (almost) got away

Saturday afternoon, windsingerphox and I went to take Saku for a long walk around the neighborhood. For those who are familiar with the area, we did the whole circuit up Hillside to Rolling, Rolling to Old Keene Mill, OKM back to Hillside, and back home. This makes a look of about.. oh, 3 miles I think.

As we were passing the post office, up on Rolling Road, Saku's collar broke. He wasn't even tugging on it very hard, it just... slipped open. Almost as though he were expecting it, he bolted instantly. I started chasing after him, but a human is no match for a healthy adult malamute. I was barely able to keep up with him, and only managed to gain ground when he made wide turns that I was able to cut the corner on. I almost caught up with him in the bank parking lot, but just as I was about to grab him, he bolted again. At this point I was beginning to despair ever catching him. He ran straight into the path of an oncoming vehicle (in the parking lot), the driver of which fortunately saw him and stopped. Saku turned right, to go in between two parked cars, and my luck came into play again - one of the cars had someone getting out of it. This slowed Saku down even more, and I yelled to the guy, asking him to please grab Saku. We were finally able to pin Saku down when he stopped to sniff at a bush. Windsinger came trotting up with the leash, which we looped around itself and used as a choke collar to get Saku the remaining mile and half to home.

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