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So much done this weekend, err...

Friday night I hung out with Alaskanwolf. Horray to intoxication!

Saturday got off to a bad start. We had the best intentions but the rain really had us down mood -wise. It had been pouring non-stop for several days. The original plan was to work on the thunderbird, putting in new fuel injectors and revamping the alcohol injection system. Unfortunately due to timing and the rain, we just got a buncha oil and an electric oil pump designed to pull the oil out of an engines dipstick tube and pump it into a 6 gallon nylon tank that I had laying around. Made simple work of changing the oil in AW's Spec V as well as my S4. 17 quarts later, we were all set. Still need to do Galens Accord.

Went and saw "Curse of the Were Rabbit" that night... which was good, albeit a little dry in humor at some areas. I'm sure diehard Wallace and Grommit fans will enjoy it, but I liked Chicken Run a lot better. I'd rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The previews we saw before the movie sucked. Terrible movies, terrible previews. One movie, whos name I don't remember.. involved a little girl, a horse that got injured, and the dream of seeing the horse run again. Hasn't there been a dozen movies along those lines already? Not to beat a dead horse, hah hah... ...

What sucked most about that particular preview, is they summarized the entire movie. It wasn't a teaser, it was a short version. I can tell already that the horse gets injured while racing, the rider wants to put him to sleep, he loses his job in saving the horse because his daughter loves it so much, then they spend a lot of time getting the horse able to run again and the horse not only magically heals itself, but it becomes one of the fastest horses there is and wins a race and the little girls heart. Awww.

HELLO FUCKTARDS! How about not ruining the movie with lame previews that summarize the entire plot? No sense seeing that movie now ... I alreaddy have! Hah.

Sunday it didn't rain, and good thing we put off the thunderbird work till then cuz it DIED on the way to the garage. The TFI ignition module went out. Luckily I was able to hitch a ride from Galen and get back to the house which wasn't more than a few miles away. I didn't have a lot of diagnostic equipment with me, but based on the symptoms (bucking, stalling, backfiring, tach that jumps around when you give it gas) I was able to figure out what it was on the firs try. $50 in parts from the parts store later, we were on the side of the road swapping TFI modules on the distributer. I cranked the key and it fired right up. Yay. I might just be a professional mechanic or somethin. ;)

By then much time had gone by, Home Depot was basically closed .. so we rejoined a group of friends and went out to dinner and hung out for a while. I drove the Thundarrrchicken and all was fine, though it does still need it's fuel injectors to be replaced. Might try to do that tonight or tomorrow night. The stock ones are leaking a very small amount of gas and I'm not too comfortable with the potential fuel-air bomb under the hood. ... if I can just get those swapped out, it'll be ready for some fun at the track wednesday, pending good weather.

- Keman
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