Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

some like it hot...

The heat pump in our house died. The compressor outside hums but doesn't spin up. It's either siezed or needs a new starting capacitor.

Aquarium was hovering around 88 degrees last night. This is verrry bad. I unscrewed all the light bulbs, so that when they come on only the fans run to cool the water off via evaporative cooling.

Unfortunately the house is pretty humid inside. I opened all the windows and that helped considerably. Thankfully it's not 110 degrees outside.

If we throw parts at this thing, it's definitely time to upgrade it. I'm going to tear into the furnace tonight and find out what size electric blower motor it is, frame 48, frame 52, etc .. and see about upgrading it at the same time to something that is stronger but consumes less current (higher efficiency), and hopefully to gain some RPM to increase the overall CFM output.

- Keman
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