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Global Warming = WEP Cracking suxx0rz

I inherited a Dell Axim X5 PDA. Among the accessories I got for it includes a small compact flash 802.11b nic. It runs MS Pocket PC 2003, and I gotta say the UI had me enticed to actually using it productively within seconds .. yet the complexity for it can unfold slowly and easily as I explore deeper into it as the need arises.

Immediately I wanted something that could browse the local wireless networks to find something open that I could hitch a ride on. So I started searching. Among the utilities I find, the concept of 64 and 128 bit WEP cracking comes into light. These encryption techniques are long in the tooth and the flaws within them are well known. As such they are not secure and utilities that allow you to crack them within just a couple of seconds are free and readily available.

Well .. not necessarily so. As I found in one forum. Someone was trying to find such a utility for a PDA running PPC 2k3. Hey, this is a neat idea, I think. And here are the responses I saw to an otherwise mature and purposeful discussion of porting over a wep cracking utility to PPC 2k3:

"there is no legitimate reason to be cracking wep on a PDA. Any true IT professional would have a notebook configured to do it, and cracking it on a PDA would just lead to bad things. There's no reason for it."

"I still see no need for a PDA WEP cracking tool."

"I believe that this is the moment of truth: we can now either bin/ban him, fire up the BBQ, or simply close this thread."

"Personally I would have liked to have seen (this) thread locked the day it was opened. Why would you EVER need to crack WEP on a PDA (or on any system for any reason)?"


Further research indicates a vast difference in opinion on WEP cracking, ranging from finding it as a useful demonstration of poor security, to godless hethens who want nothing more than to support the fall of democracy and free reign of the devil on the planet. You'd think I did research on abortion with the # of opinions out there.

So THIS is where all the alt.usenet.furry.loser.sysadmin.netkooks went to. Arguing WEP cracking ethics and morals.

Well I got news for the less intelligent ones who want to cover up this huge "secret" .. Psst. It's not a secret. Here's my part to making sure all you folks out there who think your WEP is secure, isn't:

And a utility for cracking WEP keys -from- your PDA ...

- This file is Retina's free WiFi scanner with WEP cracking abilities. I downloaded it and mirrored it on my site to bypass the annoying email address collection techniques they use to download the files from Here

IMO: Bad security is worse than no security. People /RELY/ on bad security.

In other news, we saw the movie "Serenity" last night. It was excellent .. I didn't watch much of the Firefly series prior, but now this makes me want to.

Unfortunately the theatre started out with a very annoying intro trailer/advertisement for ... watching a bunch of kids portrayed to be lawyering against the big mean evil corporate empire bigwigs who 'technically own the planet' ... this annoyed the hell out of me.

I see Global Warming is starting to make a comeback. Well. I hate to say it, but the earth isn't warming up people. It's -cooling off- .. and for every argument and measurement that shows otherwise, I can present at least two more that support this fact. For those curious and not caught up in the save the planet craze, I suggest you go read Michael Crichton's "State of Fear" if you haven't already. It does a great job portraying just how far from the truth a lot of people live, and why.

- Keman
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