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*GRRRRRRRRR* Son of a bitch...

The indian contractor whom I've worked so poorly with in the past, who (until now) thankfully I never directly worked with as I was only interacting with him on an acting-IT basis when he first arrived ...

... is becoming my bosses boss, to manage all of QA stuff here in this department and as well to manage his flock of indian contractors that are also being brought in at the same time.

He barely speaks english, is so fresh off the boat he ordered a hamburger one time and when it got there he was surprised it had meat in it, as he didn't even know what one was. He's weakly manipulative and outright lies to try and get people to do things in the most obvious manner. I'm hardly the only person to have noticed this, and as such I am -astonished- to see him back, let alone discovering that I'll be taking direction from him!

Oh I'm -sure- that'll work real well. Two extremely technical american QA employees along side a flock of indian contractors with a new indian contractor boss. The inhouse employees are salaried and work 5 days a week, the contractors are hourly and work 7 days a week.

I'm wondering what sort of conflicts will arise ...

Moreso, I'm desperate for advice on what to do.

My indirect (original direct for the past 7 months) boss who is in the dev department is also my RL friend ... he's acting kinda helpless in all this. My actual boss I've only interacted with for a couple of weeks has never worked with this indian contractor guy and while he's really cool, he works only from home from a couple of states away.

I had a severe problem working with this indian guy in the past ... and I have now voiced my severe concerns with my management and they're acting like there is nothing they can do. They want the #'s and they're going to do whatever they have to to get them. Fuck me and whatever problems I might have along the way.

What the hell do I do ... what can I even do, what can I even say?

- Keman
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