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I survey brands of toilet paper more than this...

Dear Valued Customer,

We’ve just extended the deadline on our contest to take the 2005 ValueWeb eCommerce Survey and win a 17" Widescreen HD-Ready LCD TV. First announced in our ValueWeb Newsletter (sent on Sept. 14, 2005), we’ve decided to keep the competition open until the end of the week. All you have to do is take a moment to fill out the survey, submit it and you’re in the running. Just between you and us, chances for winning right now are excellent.

We’d really appreciate your thoughts and opinions about the coming eCommerce season and we’re giving one lucky ValueWeb customer an amazing new HD-Ready TV in exchange for them.

Fill out the survey before this Friday, September 30, 2005 by 11:59pm PST and you could very well be watching all your favorite shows on a 17" Widescreen HD-Ready LCD TV, a $599 value.

Take the survey now!

... so I say what the hell and click on the link. It brings me to my hosting provider and it asks if I use their service for business or personal use. I click personal. It then says Thank you for taking this survey!

uhm... one question? That's all it was? :P

So gimme da LCD TV. :P

Oh and... can't sleep, clowns will eat me.

Wait. Those aren't clowns. But I certainly rode in a clowncar tonight. Brent and Greyson's RX-8 really CAN fit 5 people. The 5th was me, straddling the center console in the rear seat compartment, feeling like a sidewinder missle pointing at the front windshield. My arms were sabots .. ready to be stripped off my body by the firmly bolsted front seat edges in the event that he rear ended someone at speed. Luckily the fastest we got going was about 25 mph. We just needed to get to and from the Rio Grande restaurant 3 blocks away from Alaskanwolf's house. Rest assured, I was safer riding like that than trying to drive my own car after downing two margaritas.... >:)

- Keman
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