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Brought home the gold..

Had a company sponsored race kart event yesterday as payback for some hard work our team has put into things lately.

The karts were decently fast, I'm guessing around 7 hp .. the track was indoors and quite nice. We got up to about 40mph down the back straight.

I brought home the gold, got a trophy for 1st place. Go me! :)

It was a good group, from the experienced to the inexperienced and overall everyone was pretty fast.

There were 25 laps for qualifying and then there was a 40 lap race. Each lap was roughly 30 seconds. I qualified first, and lapped my boss once, and my two co-workers twice by the end of the race.

Maybe the race kart school I went to last year had somethin to do with that... :P

Still, lotsa fun followed with beer and food.

Today my back is VERY sore, I'm bruised up good all over my spine. Those things beat the crap out of you and I feel it...

- Keman
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