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new LJ icon...

Just playin with Photoshop...

What I looked like in my dream last night...

- Keman


Here's the original btw.

Basically it caught my eye because the coloring at the sides gave the illusion of shoulders, like an anthro would look. This, tossed around in my melatonin-riddled mind, produced some very erotic dreams last night that I woke up covered in sweat from. Erotic afterwards, but during-- they were very stressful. I went from playing paintball to piloting submarines and being shot at by torpedos, to taking a pounding from depth charges and suffering catastrophic nuclear reactor damage and as is often the case.. I was not human. So I decided to cut that image up and get it to look more like I did in the dream.

And now.. I can't sleep. Period. Bleah. 4:16am. Don't wanna turn to the meds. I reaaaaally don't wanna turn to the meds to help me sleep this time. *whine* I can do this!

- Keman
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