Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Printing letter B's

More work on the Phaser 560...

I had to take another part out of it and recondition it, as well as modify the secondary paper feed area that takes paper manually. It was stumbling on loading heavy matte stock, and this things paper loading mechanism is extremely picky.

Laser printing is a lot like burning a cd without any buffer underrun protection.

So I got it to take matte paper. I gotta say, at 1200x1200 it produces some outstanding pictures.

All that aside, I -tried- to go to a picnic with Galen with some friends of his over the weekend.

Upon walking into the park we found the people we were supposed to meet at one of the pavilions, and then proceeded to snag some food. We walked over to the fountain soda machine and to my horror there was a SWARM of yellow jackets around it. One of the guys there suggested we pour a cup of soda and set it on top of the machine to distract them.

I'm like FUCK THIS and walk away and leave Galen to fend them off.

I'm deathly afraid of bees. I'm not allergic, I'm just.. irrationally afraid of them. Have been since I got attacked by a wasp when I was a kid. I'm not interested in trying to get over this fear, nor am I interested in dealing with it.

So.. when the bees proceeded to start pestering me while I was eating, I promptly threw the food away and left. Sorry to ruin your picnic, Galen. I felt pretty awful.

I'm told that there will be a similar amount of bees at this years virginia furry picnic .. so I am not going to attend. No if's about it, I'm not interested in making it an issue or trying to come up with ways of dealing with it.

To get a proper grasp on just how frightened of these little fuckers I am, One (1) bee flying near me will make me bolt. I can barely flip through the pages of a book containing color photographs of bees without my hair standing on end. It's incredible.

And I am very ashamed of it.

They make me into a coward, and I run like a puppy. When it happens in front of people, it's worse. So strange that someone as fearless and confident as I am to be afraid of an insect.

Spiders, heights, needles, drugs,coming hot into a corner at triple digit speeds on the track? No problem.

Bees? I'm a chickenshit. That is all.

- Keman
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