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New printer, sort-of.

So... Galen had this Tektronix Phaser 560 Extended color laser printer laying around collecting dust since I moved in. It weighs 105 pounds and does 1200x1200 resolution. It cost over $5,000 back in 1998 and was the absolute shit back then.
Many printers of today can't hold a candle to one of these .. since not much will print your photo on a mcdonalds napkin. This thing can.

He's never really used it, and said it jams almost every time you try to print. It was given to him by the company he worked for instead of going into the dumpster. It's all upgraded with 10BT ethernet ports on the back and 40MB of memory, all the toner cartridges are nearly full except for black, which is nearly empty.

Having lost my Canon S800 some time ago due to a failed print head, I've been quasi-printerless for quite some time now. Nothing on the market really interests me much. This printer is much more my speed, if I could get it to work.

So.. I set about taking it apart and cleaning it up. I found a lot of drive wheels that needed some TLC. Two friction clutches were worn out. I refurbished them and cleaned them up to get them functional again. This was the cause of the jamming. It was quite a feeling of acomplishment to get it to fail, take it apart, figure out how everything worked, then find the cause of the failure, fix it, and then get the printer working.

Now the printer prints perfectly. It ghosts a bit on magenta and black, but I've got two toner cartridges on order that will fix that. Normally the tonre cartridges run $400 a pop and are good for 10,000 pages. I found them new on ebay for $20 each. The developer cartridge has another 8000 pages left to it's life, as does the transfer unit. The imaging unit is down to 59% capacity, roughly 5000 pages remain on it's life. If it dies, that's almost the whole printer there. Luckily I found them new for $250, original still in OEM packaging. I'll pass on picking one up but it's good to know it can be had.

The colors this thing can make are incredible. You do a test print and it's like ho hum, light cyan, yellow, and magenta + black. That looks like ass.

Well ... then you see what the printer can DO with these colors, since it mixes them and makes REAL color. OMFG ... bright firey orangish red just leaps out of the paper at you .. solid and bold, no little dots here. It looks like something out of a printing press.

Speed leaves a little to be desired. It's on the 10mbit network port, it has it's own IP and whatnot. But it takes a while for it to get there still, going a lot slower than 10 megabits for some reason. And it has to sit and process the image. So a 3000x3000 pixel image takes about 15 minutes to process before it kicks it out. Once it prints, it comes out at a rather typical laser speed, slightly slow... around 2 pages per minute. But that's for a full page, regardless of coverage at max quality.

105 pounds ... this thing is a beast.

Specifications are here:

- Keman
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