Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

post-f00d blues

Interesting aspect I'm noticing..

About an hour after I eat, my blood sugar crashes in such a way that I become rather adverse to physical contact, intimacy, and I get into a state where my focus narrows down, the link between me and the world that I interact with becomes fragile. To interrupt on what I'm trying to focus on is like talking to me while I'm on the phone with someone. Suddenly I can neither pay attention to who is on the phone, or who is talking to me. I go from struggling to focus on one person to being outright unable to focus on anything at all.
this prompts frustration towards the person interrupting me.

All this means if I'm cuddling with
Galen after eating dinner .. about an hour into it, I start pulling away and want to be more by myself. Happens every time like clockwork.

- Keman
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