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Taco Hell

Galen picked up taco bell from our new favorite location last night.

This time they fought even MORE over giving him medium drinks instead of larges. They absolutely wold not give them. He asked for the manager, and they said he wasn't in. So he asked for his phone #, and they abruptly ignored him, taking other orders and closing the window. So he sat in the drive thru line, stubbornly waiting for them. Finally the guy realized that this isn't going anywhere, so he opens the window and tells Galen to call the 800 # if he has a problem. Galen asks for the manager's name, and the guy said he didn't need it, to just call the 800#. So he demands to have the managers name, and some lady comes over and says she's the manager. Except her nametag doesn't say she's the manager. He notes that, and then some other lady comes over and says she's the manager. She too was missing the manager title on the tag.

Basically what amounted to a pile of lies and bullshit, for what ended up being crappy food and yet another case of fraud. They very reluctantly handed us the large drinks that we paid for.

Since Taco Bell isn't returning our calls or paying attention to this, and because it's so incredible that such a company would let something like this slip ... we're going to start taking digital videos of each experience, and we're going to do this every night and post them on a website. Each time we'll show a copy of the receipt, and the menu, showing large drinks having been purchased, and mediums handed to us. And each time the fight with whatever employee is on duty will get directly recorded. Names will be collected, transaction ID's will be recorded.

I'm curious as to just how far this will go, and for how long.

No, I don't plan to actually eat the food all the time. And for every $5 we waste on this project, $5 will get donated to the hurricane recovery effort. So c'mon taco bell ... keep this bullshit coming. It'll be entertaining AND helping a good cause.

- Keman
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