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I can be a bigger dick than Taco Bell

So we keep ordering food from the local Taco Bell here, and they continue to give us medium drinks.

The menu shows large drinks.

The menu says 32 oz. large drinks.

The receipt shows large drinks.

Yet they hand us mediums. And when we ask for larges, the manager says NO. We argue. The manager continues to say no, that it is a mistake.

This is the point where I shout across the car from the passenger seat, unleashing my wrath in the best way possible. This makes everyone in taco bell stare at the drive through window to see just who this dick is that's uttering all the cussing. The manager tells me to watch my mouth. I tell him no, I'm not gonna watch my mouth. Galen quiets me before I tell him I'm gonna watch his mouth when I take all this food and cram it down his fucking throat.

Suffice to say, we got large drinks, and yet more hatemail goes to

Thinking of contacting a local newspaper on this. It is a scam, and I'm not going to sit for it.

- Keman
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