Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Lost in Translation

What happens when an English phrase is translated (by computer) back and forth between 5 different languages? The authors of the Systran translation software probably never intended this application of their program. As of September 2003, translation software is almost good enough to turn grammatically correct, slang-free text from one language into grammatically incorrect, barely readable approximations in another. But the software is not equipped for 10 consecutive translations of the same piece of text. The resulting half-English, half-foreign, and totally non sequitur response bears almost no resemblance to the original. Remember the old game of "Telephone"? Something is lost, and sometimes something is gained. Try it for yourself!

Visit Copy the contents of your previous journal entry into the textbox provided, and click 'Babelize'. Post the last translation back into English as a new entry, along with the above message.

Therefore j'ai gone all'esterno in the part of Galen of
newyears and j'étais 45 also minuteren, approximately before
midnight. Speech in the social points to the falsification... My
deception (and certain more seins), this one meant that Galen also had
to go. The piece was one more a greater part the time, those of the
friends of its/it had been given the form and unquestionable I'm a
communication is then enquis in the following connections of the days.
I've the one of the thought many then data to this time. The task
qu'I don't has taste, this one is and therefore
rappresentazione, that it is with a social disposition, I cause
sensitivity, that of that j'ai gave shutdowns the other way
around. Task of and the degree, the that present modernity of
"me" of d'autres; the sensitivity of the Grolls to a
greater difficulty increases this, because l'apparenza of
l appreciation committed the deficiency of the external part of
qu'ils. This rigid resistance gives to form my activities finally
and to do-the - the examinación I behind in my section outpost and
for don't would wish around n'importe that it is, this one.
Can't is and uniform if amndt of the I'm he stops to correct
extrangeiro. The alive creature in lupo of the world garous, that one
is external part not and in violentemente of l'I'm isn't,
they gezerrissen constantly between plunging in a mentality and the
circumstance, of that the writings that arrest strong narcotic... and
great it adapts of and s'étant he, to look like perfectly normal
in a world. Medium" "happy; it looks like like half, that one
drinks that. C'est really a place good to examine of d'être
24x7? The notes and the suggestions are, like always pleasant.
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