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Gorgeous weather, riding, etc...

This weather here in northern virginia is nothing short of amazing over the past few days. Mid 80's, low humidity, blue skys with occasional light clouds. The forecast shows much more of this to come. This is the first state I've lived in that has an actual spring and fall. Michigan and California were both tempermental climates, abruptly changing without notice to a far extreme in one direction or the other.

Decca, Kelar, and I took advantage of the weather yesterday evening, churning up the dirt on our mountainbikes. My bike from storage felt really good and the new tires I put on it stuck like glue. As the evening set in, I pushed the bike harder and harder downhill, basically because I wasn't chickening out at all the obstacles in my path-- I couldn't see them! :P

The hydraulic brakes need some work though, they both need to be bled and I was getting some fade in the levers while braking hard. The front is better than the rear, luckily, as the rear you can squeeze the lever almost all the way to the stop before the tire starts to lock up. I'm guessing it's some air in the lines. It was hanging in my garage upside down for quite a few years, afterall.

I'm using a new technique for taking my adderall which seems to be working well-- Galen feeds me a pill right before he leaves at around 8:30am. Suffice to say, I do not need the alarm clock to go off at 9:00 .. and no more feeling so groggy and slow that I don't want to get out of bed. This does mean that it runs out earlier in the day, sometime around 6 or 7, but that's not too much of a problem.

Ohwell, time for more work...

- Keman
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