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What a weekend...

Spent most of it getting sunburned while welding. Had some fun with a plasma cutter, holy jesus can those things cut steel!

We welded up Deccas exhaust system, putting in a glass pack and one of my old bullet style racing mufflers in addition to the race muffler in back which was prior too loud. With some ingenuity we have his GTI VR6 sounding sweet.

Also completed was welding in new floorpans for Fires Jeep Cherokee. Gone are the Flintstones holes and in went a LOT of sheet metal!

Also accomplished were the install of some new swaybars for Brent and Greysons RX8, which I didn't have much of a hand in but it was all done at the garage.

Thanks again Greyson for getting my mountainbike here from Toronto. I spent much of yesterday putting new Tires onto it, a new SRAM chain, and other little goodies, giving it a thorough tuneup.

The bike has a long history, which basically amounts to very LITTLE use. As in, it's still basically brand spanking new.

2000 GT Zaskar details

It has hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, a front shock with 80mm of travel, XTR rear deraileur, XT hubs, and Deore LX rapidfire shifters/crank. This bike is basically a parts bin on wheels. It is extremely nice and I'm really quite astonished it has managed to spend the last 6 years basically in storage unused to finally end up back in my paws and ready to be thorougly flogged on the trails. It has never, ever, been on a trail. I put some road miles on it in the beginning back in 2000 and that was it. It could potentially have become a serious waste of cash, but.. perhaps not so, now.

The employees at the bike store were excited to hear about it, saying that it's nicer than a lot of bikes they sell even today, and all curious as to what it's condition is. New. Shiny, unscratched, perfect. Like, very new. It was hard to believe, and I'll admit it was a tragedy to buy that thing and never ride it.

Tonight Decca and I are hitting the trails, perhaps Kelar too if he can make it.

- Keman
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