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Wholesome Rott'n Goodness

So Galen and I have decided to pull the trigger on raising a Rott'n puppy. No that's not ours, just a pic I found on the net.

Several requirements: Parents must be OFA Good/Excellent. I'm not dealing with hip dysplaysia. Refunds are unimportant, and if I find a breeder that starts talking price before anything else I will just keep looking. This will be a family member, not a commodity.

It'll be a She. And we'll probably have her spayed. Yeah, I know, goes against my do-not-alter philosophy but Saku is intact and we don't exactly need any Mala-Rottys running around.

Her tail will be undocked. I'm hardcore on this, I do not like rotts with cut tails and it's outlawed in many countrys even. I think their tail wagging produces a friendlier looking dog with less intimidation to strangers. Rott tails are much like black lab tails. Thin and long and always full of excitement!

My last rott, Hilde, was the nicest dog I've ever met. I do miss her still and will never forget Dec 13th, 2002 .. which marked her last day. She was a rescue, was very old for a Rott, and was suffering catastophic knee joint failure. I cannot thank Phyxis enough for insisting that I stay with her until the end. Tough as it was, it was for the best.

Rotts are not mean dogs. They are not aggressive. They are not the demons that many people make them out to be.

Canines are however predatory killing machines. There is no avoiding this fact. Take a large breed with a lot of weight and muscle, train it to attack people, and it isn't rocket science what can and WILL happen.

What does seem to be rocket science is the ability for people to grasp that concept, along with what a temperament really is and what it means to get a puppy from a good set of parents.

*laughs* Maybe because so many people ignore how important the way they raise their own children is and the impact they have on their kids lives, they don't make the connection between raising a dog and the final outcome. Perhaps with all the talk about intelligent design, people have forgotten that genetics really do exist and that a predisposition towards certain behavior is unavoidable from parents with a poor temperament.

I guess ignorance is nothing new, but I'm not going to cater to it and I'm not going to accept a bit of lip about it. I've been so far as told that one particular person has stated they would never come to our house again if we got a rott puppy. To which I say.. nice knowin ya. Have a nice life.

That being said, what's the timeframe for this? Don't know. Depends on the responses from various breeders I've contacted, which as of now is about a dozen.

Saku took a year to get, for reference ...

- Keman
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