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First entry in the combined LJ. After about 18 months of wanting it... I finally mustered (with a little help from Galen) the confidence necessary to get another tattoo.

All I can say is hot damn it hurt like a MOTH@#*&#&$#!!! I've had my nips pierced, this didn't compare. I did expect this though, because of the lack of nerve cluster density in this particular area -- most people can't tell how many fingers are resting against their spine, for example. They can detect pressure but the objects have to exceed 2.5" or more before they detect multiple points. The end result in my case was that the needle felt like it was in the same spot for a long time, hammering away ruthlessly with no signs of progress. I couldn't see it being done either, so I'd put this at a 10 out of 10 of my pain capabilities. At one point my eyes watered involuntarily just from the intensity tweeking my system. Galen just sat back during the whole thing reading his book and chuckling at me. The endorphins were not of the usual type, this time rather subtle yet potent, I remember little of the drive home ... Galen piloted this (very wisely).

Long thanksgiving weekend ... had a lotta fun. It's worth remembering, and it was extra special being able to share it with someone.

That's all for now ...
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