Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Thunderbird is up to 19 psi of boost now. To say that it hauls ass is an understatement. We'll see how long the turbo lasts in this state of tune. While I do know of some people that have over 225,
000 miles on their turbos running this level of boost and "driving it like they stole it", my turbo does have some damage on the intake turbine from where it ingested someting with the prior owner. If it blows up I'll just get a new T3 for around $320.

Fairfax county parkway has laid out both car counting and speed monitoring equipment for a traffic survey. So far everyone has been doing somewhere between 68 and 80 mph when we've tripped the sensors every time I drive on it. Maybe this will give them the hint that the 50mph speed limit is ridiculous. Or it could just indicate that more cops need to run speed traps.

- Keman
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