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I sucked the dogs... coat.

And he likes it!

I was hesitant of the idea at first. Friends had suggested it prior and I laughed the concept off, sure that he'd freak out if I tried to come near him with a VACUUM CLEANER. :P

Well on a whim I gave it a shot after dealing with 4 years of coat blowing. Mal's blow their coats a couple times a year. Huskys and other dogs in comparison tend to shed small amounts year round. When a Mal blows his coat, it produces several grocery bags full of soft floaty undercoat. Walking through the house during this process even 10 minutes after vacuuming it all up will send this fur floating through the air and onto your food, etc. It's quite frustrating at times.

So.. I used a tiny shopvac with an extra long hose so the vacuum isn't near him. At first he was a little disturbed, but then he started treating it like I was giving him some rough petting, so he starts leaning into it and getting all happy. He couldn't get enough, and stood there while I roughly slid the hose back and forth working free his loose fur.

He was right in the middle of blowing his coat. Using the slanted-edge nozzle (for lack of better terms) I have easily pulled free almost all of his loose undercoat. The vacuum actually gained weight it is so tightly packed full of fur. It's amazing. There is another dog in the vacuum canister. :P

Typically it's quite a hassle to comb malamutes because you have to comb past all the guardhairs which don't come out, to get to the undercoat fur which is coming out. This is tedious and irritating to the dog, he doesn't terribly like it and as you snarl too much of the guardhairs, it hurts and he'll use his malamute strength to wrench free from your grasp and try to get away. I've tried every comb on the market, from coarse to fine and the best I could find makes this process a pain in the ass still.

And in .. 10 minutes.. I did about the same as 2 hours of combing. Amazing. Simply amazing.

He actually looks GOOD, too! Rather than this mottled blotched coat with undercoat falling out he's down to mostly just guardhairs. As his new coat grows in, he'll be looking quite studly.

Now if I could just find an easy way to brush his teeth I might actually start being a responsible malamute owner. :P

- Keman
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