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Aint no 5 dolla, but you can touch...

Whee. Several interesting things.

I was sold on auction last night in SL for $16,500L ... an astronomical figure about 5x higher than anyone else sold for. Insane! Such deep shoes to Fill.. among other things... ;)

The auction proceeds went to charity, each person auctioned off had his or her own rules for 'what' was being auctioned. Mine were pretty much anything goes. Hey, I have fun. Congrats Hydra, for organizing a real barnstormer of an event!

On another note..

AIM isn't working via centericq anymore. It connects, sends the password, and that's it. Not sure wtf this is all about. I'm always weary of the day that AOL decides "Hey, there's people using our FREE messaging system and not using our graphical client to connect, bypassing our forced advertisements completely, lets find a way to block them!" ... they'd certainly be within their rights, I don't pay a dime and I bypass their methods of revenue collection while using their service. Of course, if they pull this stunt it WILL become an arms race that they will lose since it's the smartest nerds on the planet that write these types of client software opensource.

Ohwell. Guess I should get back to sucky-sucky? :P

- Keman
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