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Everything's closed today

Well, not everything, just a couple of the places I wanted to go today. Keman's off in Maryland working on the T-Bird, so I've got the afternoon to myself. Let's see, things to do today:

  • Laundry - Got the washer and dryer running right now.
  • Return space heater to Home Depot - check
  • Return RotK to Circuit City - check
  • Return shop-vac to parents - check
  • Return movies a day late - check
  • Return/exchange wrong-sized Christmas clothes - nope. Left the jeans home, mom didn't have the receipt anyway so I'd only have been able to exchange, I want to return and get clothes from other stores.
  • Buy sunglasses - Galyan's doesn't have the pair I want anymore. Sunglass Hut has never seen them before, not in the configuration I want. Ordered them online instead. Saved a few bucks in taxes, but will have to wait a week for delivery.
  • Pick up snails from Marine Scene - nope, they're not open.
  • Buy coral - nope, Marine Scene and Reef Tank aren't open.
  • Go to Costco - nope, not open.

Well, at least some of it got done. I s'pose I can do most of the rest tomorrow, with Keman. Unless he's planning on working on the car all day again. Gotta go to the gym tomorrow, too. We've only been like once or twice this week.

Truck's working again. The replacement parts arrived at my office Wednesday (I was home sick, so I didn't get them until Thursday). Friday while Keman was working on the car, I replaced the broken suspension arm. It was easier than I had been lead to believe, but that's fine. I got the broken one out and the new one in without losing any screws or having any leftover. Took the truck out to Wakefield Park and drove it around for an hour or two with no problems.

I guess I could try to find headlights & taillights for the truck. Question is, do I want something that will illuminate the path in front of the truck, or just something that will let me see where it is more easily? I'm not sure illumination would do much at the distance the truck could be at, unless it was really bright, and I suspect that would be difficult to accomplish in a small form factor. Maybe ultra-bright white and red LEDs mounted in the front and rear brush-guards.

Saku's behaving himself today. He's out of his kennel right now, and rather than running around the house getting into trouble, he's sitting by the window staring at things outside. Quietly. Even when I went downstairs to do laundry, he just sat there staring. Maybe we'll move his kennel over some, so he can look out while we're not home, too.
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