Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Oh, as for my pathetic experience at Sheehy Ford.

They told me that hte front brakes needed replacing badly.


When I took the lug nut caps off the wheels (first time I've ever pulled the wheels on this car since getting it last winter), I found.. low and behold


I had to break them off since there is no key for them. In doing so I saw very easily that the wheels have not been taken off in a long time.

So, thank you Sheehy Ford of Springfield, for not only lying about the fuel pressure diagnostics, but lying your ASS off about the things the car needed: There was 40% of the front pads remaining and the rotors were actually rather new. It could have gone another 20k miles on those brakes, easily.

I also fixed what they botched up- they failed to crimp a wire into the ignition wiring that they hacked together. I found the wire just hanging on it's own next to what had to be the worst crimp job I've ever seen.

So lets see...

Treats customer with shitty attitude
delivers vehicle without brakes or turn signals
doesn't test drive vehicle after repairs
hangs up on customer when asked for manager
calls customer back and gives apology, then lies about work performed, and lies about service needed
Fuck sheehy ford of springfield. You guys will be talked about on the forums for just how terrible that service was, for a loooooong time.

There is NO excuse, and NO defense for this.


- Keman
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