Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Early birthday gift from Galen..

You know your video card is a monster when it has two 4 pin molex power connectors for auxillery power, because the AGP bus can't provide enough. Not one connector, but TWO.

So I hook it up. And when I turn it on, my power supply boots everything, the HD tries to spin up, and then that's it, it all shuts down and the PS goes dark, refusing to turn on again for a few seconds.

I have another computer below my main one, so I run an "extension cord" from it's 4 pin molex wires up to the video card, and plug it in.

Feeling rather mad scientist-like, I fire up the computer and it boots! Yay!

Nvidia 6800 Ultra AGP 256 meg card. Which, according to Nvidia, will be the fastest card they ever make for the AGP bus, since the 7800 series is PCI-E only, with no plans to change that.

This thing is a freaking monster. And it's alive!

Thanks Galen. *licks* Early birthday gift indeed. I'm not old yet! I don't turn 29 till Nov 8th.

- Keman
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