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Galen Wolffit

rebelsheart asks, "So, is it just me, or is Biker cute?"

Any time I see someone ask "Is it just me, or is X condition true" I instinctively try to parse it differently than the person intended. In this case, I might parse the question as "Am I the only one who is cute, or is Biker also cute?"

Which can be answered a number of different ways.

  1. You are the only one who is cute
  2. You are cute, and so is Biker
  3. You are not cute, but Biker is
  4. Neither you nor Biker are cute

I will state, for the record, that there are people besides you and Biker, who can be assigned a non-zero cuteness value.

The guy who greeted us at the restaurant we went to for lunch today, for example, was cute, but slightly effeminate. My boss commented that he thought the guy was checking me out.
Non-zero cuteness.

Or the one-legged guy on Cops last night, who was apparently drunk and probably a little bit mentally deficient.
Non-zero cuteness.

Of course, the phrase "non-zero cuteness" implies that there are both positive and negative values for cute.

Maybe I should write a cuteness quiz. How cute are you? Click here to find out!

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