Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Sheehy Ford drops the ball...

So I went to pick the thunderbird up from the dealer last night. I push on the brake, push in the clutch to crank the engine, and the car leaps forward towards the minivan in front of it, as it was parked on a slight hill. I strain and dive on the brakes, mashing them as hard as I can and the car just barely halts a few inches from the minivan. I yank on the emergency brake and put it back in gear, letting out the clutch without starting the engine and stare in confusion. The brakes have electric assist. The electric assist pump isn't working. I check.. and find that the turn signals also are dead, as is the a/c, and basically everything in the car.

This is the symptom of the wiring in the ignition switch burning out. Which is the reason why I brought the car to the ford dealer-- there is a huge safety recall for this problem. I stare at the wiring and it's all pretty and new. But it looks like they got the order of the wires going into the switch all wrong.

This is incredible.

They released the keys to a car that has almost no brakes, and is unsafe to drive with no turn signals and most other things in the car do not function. (It will start up though)

In all the years I worked for a dealer, never have I seen such a blatant disregard to liability and customer safety. This car was clearly NOT test driven. I'm amazed they even managed to park it.

I would be completely safe had I pulled out of the parking spot and blindly smashed into one of the shiny new mustangs for sale behind me.

Since I picked the car up after hours, there was nothing I could do besides leave the keys in the nightdrop box.

Oh and the diagnostic work that I asked them to perform, checking the fuel pressure under boost while on the road for $45? There's no mention of it on the workorder. They completely failed to do the things that I asked them to do and that they quoted me over the phone.

- Keman
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