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diesel is teh hawt!

Whee. Another long weekend.

Sat: Began 10:30AM, Ended 1:30AM (sunday morning)
Sun: Began 10AM, Ended: 11PM

# of bottles of beer consumed: Approx. 18 between 4 people.

Spent almost all of it working with Greyson's TDI Jetta Wagon. We basically are turning it into the sport wagon that's only offered overseas. So.. it got a new front end, new headlights, new springs, shocks, swaybar, intercooler, boost controller, interior bits and pieces like a short throw shifter, W8 overhead console, shift knob and boot, rims, tires, tail lights, headlight switch...

Basically a complete makeover. And no, it doesn't look like rice. This is all OEM stuff, stuff that should be sold on models here in the US.

RANT: Unfortunately us americans have no desire to havefuel efficient vehicles that can actually go fast and handle well. What's funny is that for years, car makers have tuned engines that cater to "american tastes" by offering lots of low end torque and less high end. There are no engines that are torquier than TDI diesels.

But, then, to offer such nice choices in cars would imply that the general american car buying crowd actually uses their head when it comes to selection. Something no car salesman here is prepared for. Don't believe me? Go to a car dealership sometime and see just how little choice you can make before the dealer is sliding you paperwork to sign.

We had fun! I'm so sore. :P

On another note, I'm starting a new method of eating today. I basically picked up some meal shakes (slim fast optima) and will drink 2-3 of them a day in combination with a slightly smaller lunch/dinner in an attempt to eat 5-6 times a day. I think this will greatly help my hypoglycemia (low blood sugar condition similar to diabetes except that I have enough insulin for 3 people to live off of) and overall create a healthier feeling. The slim fast shakes taste good, have lotsa vitamins, and pack some nice calories. Please note: This is NOT a diet plan, I am not trying to lose weight. @ 152lbs and 11% bodyfat, I'm not complaining about my shape. I just want to feel healthier with less cranky spells from my blood sugar tanking. I'm told that the 6 small meals a day can make you feel great so.. I'm giving it a try.

Lastly, the humor test. This thing is dead-on with my opinion of myself, so kudos to the test maker.
the Prankster
(39% dark, 39% spontaneous, 11% vulgar)
your humor style:

Your humor has a slightly more intellectual or even conceptual slant to
it. You're not pretentious at all, but you aren't into what some would
call 'low humor'. This isn't to say you wouldn't laugh at a good dirty
joke, but you'd definitely prefer something clever to something moist.
You probably like well-thought-out pranks and/or spoofs and it's highly
likely you've tried one of these things yourself. In a lot of ways,
yours is the most entertaining type of humor.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Conan O'Brian - Ashton Kutcher

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 6% on dark
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You scored higher than 56% on spontaneous
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You scored higher than 0% on vulgar
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- Keman
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