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$40 short and a day late.

Yeah, it was my own stupidity not to lock up the trailer, to just leave it there for anyone to come by and tow away.

Nevertheless, it makes me want to rage and just rip someone to pieces. And that emotion alone just begs, taunts anyone to say "Oh yeah whatever." which is perfectly ok until the blood spills, then it's "Oh well that's a very troubled young man who belongs behind bars... that's such a gross over-reaction.." To anyone that would say that, don't even think that you know me or understand me. I don't need you to. I don't need your approval or your acceptance or appreciation. I will not change my actions to suit your comfort. I'm tired of that nagging thought process which grants me so much the ability to operate in the world around me, yet frustrates me to no end. All I ask for is respect-- is that so much? I'm willing to earn it. Go to great lengths even!

Just don't ask me not to be myself in order for you to respect me. Because then... I'm not respecting myself.

Wolves DO fight for food, they do steal it if it can be stolen. But I've been robbed from the ability to defend what little I call my own. Even if I were to find the thief(s), I could do nothing besides dwell in the diplomacy of our "civilization" ... truely, absolutely, I want none of this.

I've been sheltered from this all thus far, and for good reason it seems.

What of the next time? And the next? At what point do I cease letting things be taken or done?

I'm starting to feel trapped .... I need to get out. I need to hunt. I need to look into the eyes of my chosen prey, communicate my choice, and make them run. And run them down I shall. With the help of my pack, of course. Too many people confuse the adrenaline infusion in "chased meat" as 'gamey' tasting. I don't mind it at all.
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