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terrible cell service

I've never seen it this bad before.

Over the last few months I've been noticing that getting a hold of Galen is sometimes nearly impossible. I call his cellphone and I'll get a ring or two before being dumped to voicemail. Sometimes it rings and rings and rings, with no voicemail picking up. Frequently, roughly 80% of the time, his phone doesn't show any calls missed. Or out of 14 times trying to call him, it'll show one or two calls missed, often barely ringing for maybe half a second before just displaying "missed call". It does this with full and low signal strengths, on the road, at home, at work, you name it. Sometimes his phone does get bumped around and stuck into silent mode, adding to the problem, but more often than not it simple does not ring. Galen uses a motorola phone through verizon. When I do leave voicemail, 9 times out of 10 Galens phone will not indicate voicemail is present. Sometimes it'll be 5 to 10 hours afterwards before the magical icon finally appears, long since someone left it.

The exact same thing happens to me. I use a nice ericsson phone through cingular. I got so frustrated with people calling me, not getting through, leaving me voicemail, then calling me 5 hours later and asking if I got their voicemail. To which I'd say "Duh... there's no voicemail waiting for me according to my phone." only to call my voicemail and check and WOAH there's 3 voicemails waiting. Wtf? .. I finally *CANCELLED* my voicemail. A false sense of communication is worse than no sense.
I get an email today from a co-worker who apparently knows me and someone who works at the dealership I dropped my thunderbird off at two nights ago to have the ignition switch recall performed.

"Eric, do you have a thunderbird at the ford deler? If so, they're trying to get a hold of you."

Of course, I look at my phone. no calls missed. I'd been wondering why they didn't call me yesterday, but I was feeling patient and knowing that (having used to work at a dealership as a mechanic myself) they really really wanna get a hold of everyone who drops a car off asap to schedule repairs, sell needed stuff, etc. And that if they don't call, it's cuz they're REALLY f'n busy. Logically I would assume this with having had no calls. Bzzzzt!

Compound this problem with the fact that Galen and I are part of the generation x'rs who don't bother paying for a home telephone landline. It seems like a waste of $30-50 a month for something that never gets used for more than telemarketing and mis-dialed #'s from people with fingers so fat they need a special dialing wand to not press multiple buttons at once. *smirk*

So. I call up the ford dealer. 3 bars of signal, roughly 3/4. (FWIW)

Attempt one: 30 seconds and then the phone hangs up, failed the call.
Attempt two: 5 seconds, then bee Bee BEE, bee Bee BEE, repeating.
Attempt three: 5 seconds, then ringing. Ahh. Finally. "All circuits busy. Please try your call again."

So I page Galen online. "Please try calling my phone." .. Galen tries to. Nothing. "It's not even ringing, it's just immediately saying not available. Try rebooting it." .. ok. I reboot my phone. Galen trys to call it again. "It's giving me a busy tone." ... *#*@&37 .. "Ok, now it's giving me an unavailable message." .. and the phone has been booted for minutes now. Plenty of signal.

Hokay. I must say. And Australia was like, WTF, Mate?

I'm beyond pissed. And I think we gotta get a home landline now. Cuz this abysmal cell service that both cingular and verizon are offering is absolutely terrible.

I don't even WANT to think about what kind of headaches it would be to try and call one of them up and ask them to figure out what the fuck is wrong with their service. I'm sure I'm not alone here, I'm sure that between the two companies.. they're getting a lot of complaints about saturated cell towers in this area.

This sucks.

- Keman
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