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Zoom Zoom!

Wow, what a weekend!!!

Friday night: Narrowly avoided the rain, Alaskanwolf came over and helped me flush the brakes with high temp racing fluid in preparation for the following days events.

Saturday: Drove to summit point raceway for the hyperdrive high performance track event. We had a half hour of instruction and a half hour of driving on the roadrace track. The best part about this for me was that my prior track experience allowed me to ride solo, sans instructor. This combined with a VERY lax "school" basically amounted to a $40 one-session OPEN TRACK event! They allowed passing in the straights and I certainly did tons of that. I passed every car that I came up behind. At one point I noticed a Porsche 911 SC behind me and while I was pulling away from him in the straights ever so slightly, I decided it would be worth it to let him ahead of me and see how his lines were. I did that and he shot by, and for a couple of laps I followed his lines and picked up some great techniques. He was good! Unfortunately some traffic we got behind separated us, and I ended up behind an eclipse gsx who was also pretty fast. I didn't have enough power in the straights to get more than about a car length on him, and we were both late braking into the corners big time so while I would have overtaken him in another couple of laps, we finally ran out of time. Serious fun though, and the audi definitely proved it's track capabilities- the brakes were fine! I was passing 105 mph at the end of the straights and then coming down on them big time repeatedly. They never faded though they did get hot. I think if I'm going to tackle the larger tracks at Summit Point I will most definitely need a brake upgrade.

Sunday; Autocross event with the scca blue ridge organization. I ran fast!! I came in 4th place (last as there were only 4 of us) in A stock, BUT .. they were all running race tires and were 4-5 seconds faster than me. I know with the same tires I could snag 4-5 seconds, so I feel that my S4 really IS competitive in A-Stock. I was running some great times, as fast as and faster than other cars which normally do really well at autocrosses. I'm finding that my cars ESP (Electronic Stability Program) is very, very, very smart. When I was doing the slaloms in 1st gear I just kept my foot pinned to the floor. The car yanked the throttle at all the right times in all the right ways, and clamped down on various tires in just the right amounts to get the car through pretty quickly. The engine braking was also so good in 1st gear that I barely had to touch the brakes.

I'm beat, I'm tired, I'm hoarse, I'm sore, and I'm seriously looking forward to next time. Thank you Greyson and Brent for providing the needed kick in the butt to go to these events.

Oh and my stock tires? Hehehehee. Heheheeheh. They're so toast now. I ripped the tread completely off the shoulders in the fronts. Time to rotate... :P

- Keman


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Jul. 19th, 2005 06:49 am (UTC)
Goodyear Eagle F1 GS D3's, hun. Awesome tires. Completely changed my car.

And I'm really really really jealous of you. *whiiiiiine*
Jul. 19th, 2005 02:33 pm (UTC)
I put those tires on Galen's Accord V6 6-speed coupe. They are indeed awesome tires.


For the track- they suck.

I need something along the lines of an R compound, ie: Kumho victoracers, Yokohoma A032R, Hoosiers, etc. Real racing tires that you don't drive around on in the street. I'd have them on seperate rims that I would either tow to the track with a little tire trailer, or utilize the space inside the wagon and just put them behind the seats.

Seriously, R compound tires are indescribably more grippy than any street tire. If you drove them on the street, they would only last a couple thousand miles, tops, for reference. Some would wear down in less than 500 miles.

- Keman
Jul. 19th, 2005 11:20 am (UTC)
it was a good weekend :) couldent think of any better way to spend time back home. now i cant decide which car to go car broke over, the 8 or the 7. mmmmm car broke....

so when are we going to get cute little trailers ?
Jul. 19th, 2005 02:34 pm (UTC)
Well, I was thinking... I can actually keep the tires in the wagon just fine. The question is do I wanna deal with the potential dirty mess or not. We should see if Harbour Freight has upcoming sales...

- Keman
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