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Had a great time at the con.

I got there with few expectations. left there quite satisfied-- even my best expectations would have been met. I had a terrific time hanging out with a lot of people that I normally don't get to see. Nothing bad the entire weekend.

There were some additional surprises that were very unexpected, which made this con ... quite possibly.. one of the best I've ever attended.

The hotel food was great. While it was pricey and took a while to get, it was worth it especially if you shared the very-large portions from ordering off the menu. I split a $10 sandwich a couple of times, making it a $5/person meal. They even gave us an extra plate.

Overall, I had soooo much fun. I don't have a fursuit yet, but really look forward to the day I get one.

Friday I wandered around in a surfing wetsuit. Mmmm. Yum? Later I sequestered Galen's rabbit fur palmed furry paws with real coyote claws. Made for very detailed scritching.

Very relaxing con. Today is also relaxing and I definitely needed the rest because somehow all that relaxation was tiring-- I got today off as I had planned. Later today I'll pick Saku up from the kennel. I miss him!

On the way home we stopped by Best Buy. They're selling WD 160 gig drives for $39/each after an $80 rebate. My current 80 gig drive is nearly 3 years old and I have no backups .. I'd been getting ready to start shopping for replacements. This was too good of a deal to pass up- Galen and I each got one. The sale is until the 15th if anyone is interested.

- Keman
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