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*&#@&*@* Christmas.

This isn't a holiday. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It fucking sucks. Lets see...


Can't go out to eat.
Can't go see a movie
Can't rent a movie
Can't go shooting
Can't go shopping
Can't go buying car parts
Can't browse the fish store
Can't go out and try anything unique that involves most businesses at all.

CAN sit at home. Doing nothing. Plotting my revenge....

Exactly wtf am I supposed to do? If this were a day off of work, as it is most times, it seems rather ironic that you get to do so fucking little on it. I seem to recall making this rant last year, when I went to go get some race fuel and the gas station I frequent was CLOSED!! I was like "You fuckers! You're not celebrating christmas, you're Indian! You're just using this as an excuse to not be open!" ...

God I hate the holidays. So useless.

And the gift cards I received? How tantalizing. Yeah, like Circuit City is going to be open today.

Then there's the extremes.

"We're sorry, we will be closed christmas eve and christmas day. Oh and we'll be closed the following day or two or three afterwards. And if you want to see funds you've deposited in your account two days before christmas, HAH HAH wait till after the new year, toodles!"

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