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Keman cheats!

So we were driving out to get our cars washed, and I pull out onto the main road ahead of Keman. He sticks behind me for about a mile, then I change lanes and pull ahead of the car in front of me. As he's about to follow, the car that had been in front of me pulls out behind me - cutting Keman off and leaving him to watch me zoom on ahead. I turn a corner, turn the next, and he's a good quarter mile behind me. I'm about to go through the next light when I see flashing red and blue coming through the next intersection back, behind me. I slow down and scoot into some traffic, hoping that (a) the cop isn't after me, or (b) I can turn off the road before he catches up, and lose him. As it turns out, it's (a), but by the time I get ahead of the cars that pulled out of the cop's way so he could go on past us, Keman has caught up and is ahead of me. Damnit, he cheats! It's his fault the cop was there. *grrrs*

But I got him back.. Coming home, I get into a line of traffic for the next turn, he zooms ahead of me one lane over, cuts into the line up towards the front and makes the left turn. I get out of line and try to catch up, but I don't have room to get back over in time to make the turn. Fortunatly the route we were taking is just a shortcut. I take the next left, and somehow manage to get through the next light before him and make it home a good 30 seconds before him. When we get home, he says, "Damnit how'd you beat me?" I just looked at him and laughed. When it comes to cheating, two can play at that game. :-)
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