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Thunderbird almost didn't make it home last night. The bolts that secure the driveshaft to the rear differential worked themselves loose on the way home. I kept speed down and when I got home I reached under the car and grabbed the driveshaft and yanked it around. Whee! Fords are notorious for having this happen. It was dark by the time I got home (9PM) and while I thought I would fix it come morning, when I woke up this AM I decided you know what... fuckit. The T-Bird needs too many other things to be checked before I'm declaring it safe to drive.

Unfortunately, Galens Accord is in the shop still, and my Audi is supposed to go into the shop this AM.

Add to the fact that my dentists appt. was (by some small miracle) today at 8AM. So. Galen got to come along with me and take my audi after I get to work.

Luck would have it that the dentist took _forever_ ... first it was a while for them to see me, something like 8:25AM when I got there at 7:55. Then they took 16 x-rays of my mouth, no joke. And pronounced my teeth very healthy with two small cavities that aren't a problem now but might as well get filled in before they become a problem. Hey works for me. Oh but one small problem, my insurance (Delta Dental) was not cooperating and so they were having a hard time finding out what it would cost for the repairs. This place's procedure is dumb, they want to quote repair prices before making the next appt. So Galen got to wait in the waiting room about another hour all said and done, and we didn't even get prices-- we finally just told them to schedule the appts and do the work, assume I'll pay whatever it costs, and lets just get the hell outa here. They wouldn't do both fillings on the same day, so that got two appts. And they want to do a deep cleaning below my gumline "tissue maintananece" as they call it. Hey fine, whatever. Just do what you gotta do and don't bother explaining it to me because I don't really care. All I ask is that you give me the gas for whatever you do. Cleaning, inspecting, whatever. And they do, that's why we chose this place. It is HUGE .. there were 7 people behind the front desk area. It's also expensive. $271 will be what two composite fillings will cost after my insurance. Do I care? Not really. Fuckit. Do the work, make em shine, I'm outa here.

Thunderbird gets A/C, driveshaft fix, and cooling system fix this weekend. Fuck the prices, I'll pay the cheapest retail I can find. Again, just make it work.

I'm in a real "I don't wanna be stressed out" mood right now. Galen was bitchy waiting in the waiting room and I basically told him to stuff it. Yeah this is my fault for changing my mind about repairing the thunderbird this morning, but life goes on and I'm taking steps to eliminate these complications in the future. I really don't want to be stressed out, and if money is what it takes to eliminate that stress then fucken spend it. That is the point, isn't it?

All the while, I keep thinking of what I read here: ... thanks Doron. This graduation ceremony speach has some very good wisdom about the daily grind ... and it took little effort to make my choices for what will and will not stress me out. This time anyways.

- Keman
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