Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Looks like I'm not immune to having a bad day. At least this is the exception as opposed to the norm.
Lotta bad stuff started stacking up. What I ate last night didn't agree with me for some reason. Steak fajitas, nothing out of the ordinary. I left that problem behind in the toilet this morning.

Drove the thunderchicken in to work today.

Got severely annoyed by the fact that I'd like to buy parts for it to get the A/C working and make it's cooling system more reliable, but the discounts I used to get working for a shop are obviously no longer present .. as such.. I am met with having to pay retail for parts. As an ex mechanic, this is terrible. The $50 fan clutch shouldn't be $50, it should be $11.27. The $159 A/C hose with dryer assembly shouldn't be $159, it should be $33.17. I've purchased these exact parts in the past. And I refuse to pay this bullshit terrible inflated fucktard pricing. I need to get my "IN" in the wholesale price world. I'm not settling for less. Fuck that.

I came to find out last night that Galen didn't make our dentists appointment like I'd asked him to. Several times. I know I'm not the reliable one myself when it comes to this shit. But I surround myself with dependable people to make up for what I lack myself, and so when that fails it really pisses me off. I called and made one for me, turns out he wouldn't have been able to make one for me anyways, something about the dentist industry rules says you cannot make appointments for other people. Fucken whatever. Done, appointment made.

Gotta get on eve tonight and do some mining operation stuff. This of course means the stuff I'm supposed to make in SL will get put off yet but one more day. Fun. I might just do neither and fuck the night when I get home. We'll see.

- Keman
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