Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

This just in!!

Mind altering chemicals have been found altering the mind!!!

This isn't news for the masses if the masses already know it. No, this is another case of a shocker headline that catches peoples attention. (pun, hah!)

Next they're going to air the stats of how many people DIE from taking aspirin for headaches.

I suppose the news media relying on shocker headlines to get peoples attention is nothing new.
*A* solution for it is recognition and rejection. Sorta like when you see a kid crying just for attention and ignoring him. is a good example of how this can be controlled. If an article is deemed bullshit by the majority of the readers, it's stated as such in the comments section.

If that CNN article had a user comments section similar to slashdot ... there would be hundreds of people saying "DUH!" and the writer for that article would look stupid and probably think twice before releasing something so idiotic.

Right now CNN has minimal feedback mechanisms, the results of which are never made public.

So I guess it boils down to.. do you want to be influenced from one source, or do you want to be influenced from a collective mind?

I believe what I'm describing is a form of utopian socialism. We can't possibly be heading towards that. Can we?

- Keman
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