Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

What a weekend.

Did some work to the thunderchicken. Needs a new fuel pump installed now.

Played lotsa Battlefield 2

Played lots Eve -- found out that Hydra has played as long as I have, in fact we've flown together and talked via TeamSpeak and never knew who each other was. Small world! So he's in my corp now and we're having fun.

Need new deoderant. Right Guard with the little active beads anti-persperant/deoderant isn't working as much as it used to. Not sure why. My meds are making me sweat a bit more than normal. And my armpits are stinking as though I'm not even wearing deoderant. Strange, cuz normally I'm clean and odorless. It's not yet reaching the point of the sickly sweet smell of rank like oh... some of the imported indian contractors here at my work. No, 30 seconds in an elevator with some of those and I'm about ready to cry. This isn't that bad. Yet. I wonder what's the next step up for deoderant strength?

- Keman
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