Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Verizon FIOS is installed.

Before: Best throughput we got through our COX cablemodem was the Battlefield 2 Demo, which was 600 megabytes to download. From the yahoo distribution site last night we snagged 602KByte/sec sustained. Very fast.

This afternoon, same site, same file, after FIOS was installed.

2,700 - 4,000KByte/sec sustained.

DSLReports benchmark landed similar #'s, but the most surprising was the 3,500KByte/sec -upload- speeds. Yee haa that's friggen flyin... yay.

Now what to do with this bandwidth? No idea. I don't browse much pr0n. I don't play much for games. Guess my emails will download faster. :P

- Keman
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