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XM radio *annoy* *annoy*

Mix 22 on XM Radio normally plays a variety of modern rock/pop music. Commercial free-- it's what I pay monthly subscription fees for.

This morning however, they were interviewing the band Coldplay, and yaking incessantly about the worlds problems and this and that. 5 minutes in, hoping that it was just going to be short, it was boring me to tears and naturally I couldn't find anything else on that sounded decent so I fired up a cd instead. *annoy* I don't have to pay $12 or whatever it costs per month to listen to cd's..

So I sent off an email to asking them to keep the useless interviews on some news channel and leave the music on the music channels. If the problem is that noone will listen to it on a news channel, TAKE THE FUCKING HINT!

XM scored big points with me on the BPM dance channel when they reached 1 million subscribers: They shitcanned the commercials. And I do mean shitcan, because on the last day during the most irritating antidrug agenda bullshit: "Mom! It was just one joint!" "I don't care, you're grounded for 3 months." "Parents: You are the anti drug." and then there was the sound of a record being scratched, the commercial was cut short, and the announcer said "Ok .. enough of that crap. That's the last time you'll hear it on BPM..." .. it made me wanna jump for joy.

- Keman
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