Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Calling all CPU performance geeks...

So I've got this Shuttle SN41G2 (version 1.0)

Over the years it's undergone many upgrades. It's current form is two 1 gig sticks of 400mhz high end memory, a 6800GT OC 256 nvidia card, and a 2700+ XP chip.

So I start reading about what it would take to stuff at 3000 or 3200 into it. I'm swathed with the usaual amount of information, only this time it's got an extra bite. The motherboard supports 400mhz memory, but only a 333mhz FSB. I'm shown various thngs like:

And I'm told I can force the motherboard to do a 400mhz FSB.
And I'm like.. ok.. I can resolder. I can do this. But .. wtf. Wait. What the hell do I have in this thing, and as usual, what kind of gains can I even expect? This isn't for bragging rights, this is for performance in gaming.

Herein lies the questions that google seems hesitant to offer

What should I do?
What's the difference between an AMD Thoroughbreed and an AMD Barton, besides the cache size?
In the past, L1 and L2 cache were the NAME OF THE GAME when it came to performance. I see a Barton with half a meg and a Thoroughbreed with 256k. Isn't that alone, Mhz for Mhz, worth a huge increase in performance?
Do they make 333mhz 3200+ AMD chips? I see some for sale but... c'mon. Is that just a "oops, typo, sorry. Here's your 2200+ sorry NO REFUNDS!!"

When did I miss all these different names of Athlon XP processors? I thought an XP was an XP. Last name I heard before now was the thunderbird.

Anyone who's an expert at this stuff please chime in ... I am in need of some uber-performance-god education.

This is by far the most-upgraded system I've ever had in my life. It started out as an 1800+ and is running nearly double that, has gone through several chip revisions, and outlived two video cards. I'm amazed it can take something made today and not only use it, but use it WELL. So. Is the next step available or have I finally hit the wall?
- Keman
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