Galen Wolffit (wolffit) wrote,
Galen Wolffit

Several things.

Main circulation pump died in the aquarium yesterday. Damned RIO's! Curse them and their ceramic shafts and tantalizing titanium bearings, all at dirt cheap prices. I can get a $70 RIO that performs as well as a $300 high quality unit. Sometimes people can live with RIO's for years. Well. Not this one. Luckily we had a spare mostly dead one laying around. Unfortunately we busted the ceramic axleshaft trying to fire it up. So .. the protein skimmer is offline while it's pump, a Rio 20HF has been sent over to main circulation duty. I wanted to swap the stronger PS's pump into the main tank anyways and upgrade it's pump to a bigger model. For now, we've got a 20HF on order, I decided the risk of putting a pump that the PS couldn't handle wasn't worth it in this time crunch. A 26HF shouldn't be that much stronger than a 20, but if it IS, the PS won't drain fast enough and I'd have to completely redesign it. I'll stick with what works for now.

For those that haven't seen them in the past, pics of our tank are at:

- Keman
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